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An inventory of projects over time. I started keeping track of this on early 2023.

10/2022 - Active

evil meow screenshot

My small mastodon instance. I don’t like the approach twitter is taking althoug I still have to use it to keep in touch with some people. Anyway I let my geekiness roam free here.

I may eventually open it to the public but it is something that won’t happen anytime soon. I am reading a lot about content moderation and probably it is not my cup of tea at the moment. The risk outweights the benefit.

I don’t have the production code in k8s since I made a dead cheap version to keep everything up and running keeping recurring cost under 20$ (for production alone).

Then the backups and monitoring are roaming free at my home. I am monitoring everything using Grafana and Prometheus and I am relatively happy with that part.

Keywords: ActivityPub, Ruby, K8s, Grafana, Prometheus


02/2024 - Active


I needed a small pomodoro timer and I did not like anyone that was already there so I built my own

Keywords: Golang, TUI

No longer active Experiments

Software crafters Madrid

12/2012 - 03/2023

During 10 years I helped with the organization of a meetup in Madrid about software development.

meetup stats during my stay

This was a very interesting experience. I learnt a ton and hopefully gave something back to all peers.

The library of

02/2022 - 11/2023

This was a crazy experiment to track the books I am reading. It was awesome to build a small rust tool I could use often.

You can find the notes for this in this blog post.

Actually I don’t use this anymore because I use bookwyrm and Obsidian far more.

Strato or tele


This was a pet site to detect if a picture features a Stratocaster or a Telecaster. It is documented in this same blog.

I am not proficient in ML at all so this was a starting point for me. This was a fun thing to build.

It should still be working but I am not actively maintaining it.

Keywords: Machine learning, Python, HuggingFace