A Graphviz primer

One of the tools I've always wanted in my tool belt was a graphing tool for text files. Since I handle a lot of text that goes into repositories it is always a bit of a pain to somehow to version control diagrams. Today we will dive a bit into the world of Graphviz. A tool that turns scripts written into the dot language into images. Those scripts describe directed graphs. We can anyway emulate non directed graphs if we need it.

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Playing with happiness on Twitter in Python

Let's play a bit with Twitter data.

There is a Spanish saying that says "La felicidad va por barrios" which is used like "every dog has its day" but close-to-literally translates into "happiness goes to some neighbours". Me and some friends wanted to check if happiness in Twitter depends on your neighbourhood too. Yes, I know it is a weak justification for writing software but... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This is my first python code so don't be hard on me.

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Taking notes and coding

I am not such a big fan of paper. I don't know. Maybe it is just me but I found it extremely inconvenient for taking notes on how code should work. It is too far away for my development environment. They are difficult to share, specially in a remote environment, easy to lose and difficult to transform. Also on paper everything looks easy and good 😉

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Playing with text to speech in emacs

Amazon has just announced Polly and I wanted to give it a try. Of course the first thing that came to my mind was: elfeed! Polly is not free but 4$ per 24 hours seems reasonable in order to read a post from time to time. Anyway let's start there, get the ball rolling, and if it works well maybe we can think in adding more backends.

So, let's go to work!

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When to rewrite

We all heard it. Probably some of us lived it. That beautiful moment when somebody asks: “why don’t we rewrite our full application?”

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The black art of commit messages

Good commit messages are the unicorn of the person maintaining legacy code. I will try to review some commit messages I’ve found over the years with its pros and cons.

I’ll break this into two categories: solving bugs and adding features.

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Now that we are hiring at Platform161 I spent some time thinking about values and culture at the workplace. There is one term that, in my opinion, is completely misunderstood. Ambition.

Warning: All the things I am about to write are my opinions and of course they are highly opinionated.

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A warm welcome to MS Sculpt keyboard

I just moved to a new Microsoft Sculpt keyboard. I am more than happy with it. I wanted to move to a split keyboard for a long time but I never had the guts to try. Indeed I wanted to move to a Model 01 but this makes a good intermediate step.

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