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# Moving to Ghost

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Last time I changed the backend for the blog was in 2016 when I moved to an static site. It had all I needed. With RSS you have all you may ever need.

Anyway times advance and things move on. Lately I am hosting, a Mastodon instance and the whole idea of the Fediverse is extremely appealing to me.

Being trapped in should not be a thing and as of today it is. You cannot have a realistic alternative to the amount of audience there is in the old Twitter.

Federation has its own problems. There are defederation dramas and really dubious instances out there. But at least there is a way to work to solve those problems. It is true that there is not enough people yet in the fediverse and a lot of people you want to follow are on x. Anyway for me the pros outweight the cons. I am no celebrity so 🤷.

So when I saw this toot

I finally will have an alternative. I must admit there is stuff like Write Freely but they lack some features I want to have. Ghost is simple enough but feature full enough so I can use it and it is open source so...

It took me one afternoon to migrate in a dirty way. Mobile is broken as hell today but I need another hour with the stylesheets to have it.

Obviously my situation is just mine. Your case may differ but I am happy to see that we have alternatives and I want to contribute to the Fediverse being a better place. We are starting to have a lot of places that we can federate

More alternatives will appear but the important thing about this is that you create a ecosystem of interoperable tools with the things you need. I am not too much into putting pictures of myself in the internet but if I wanted I could always use and put more food pictures.

Every person is different and everyone will use different kind of tools. It is important that they are interoperable and replaceable., instagram and the like do all they can to retain you and not be interoperable. The fact that you can migrate your mastodon account to another instance and preserve everything you had is a killer feat every social network should have.

I am looking forward to see what system I am using in another 8 years.