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# A New Perspective on picking Books

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I’ve been lately studying a bit the contents of GPT & Chill. Since machine learning is not something I am extremely proficient with I am building my own library of resources to be able to query while going through the contents. I am a big believer in reading the same concepts from different sources to reinforce learning (no pun intended).

I am taking this time a more structured approach in choosing my sources. The course is indeed a non-deep overview on purpose and it is extremely practical. So I want to complement it with a couple of books. I am trying anyway not to use the books people say are the best but books that take a different approach on the same subject.

Take linear regression for example. I can read a very Python heavy book like Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-learn, Keras and TensorFlow that has a hands on coding approach and I can complement it with a visual guide on statistics like The StatQuest illustrated guide to machine learning that approaches the same problem in a different way.

This causes the same content to be received in different ways. This is not exactly multimodal learning but it is probably better than repeating similar sources. I still have to mix audio, videos and social interactions in the mix. Videos are already in the mix so I am going through some audiobooks on statistics. I cannot find any meetups in the place I am living now so I will try some online communities.

This may sound a bit weird but I still get super happy every time I can sharpen the saw a little bit more.

Happy hacking!