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# A bit of machine learning with a Stratocaster

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I built a tiny site to detect if in a given picture there is a photo of a stratocaster or a telecaster.

Since we are in another AI surge I decided to write some pets in relation to machine learning. I was experimenting a bit with image categorization so I wrote one small web app. It is a super basic neural net to categorize if a photo contains either a Telecaster or a Stratocaster. Something that the world was not asking for but was really needed.

I built a small sloppy React UI on top of it. Do not be hard. It is my first React project.

Anyway the focus was on the machine learning side of things. Some learnings:

It was easier than what I expected though. I am super happy to see than in an afternoon I can hack something relatevely useful. Let’s continue the journey!

Have fun!