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# Internal developer platforms

+++ May 27, 2020 +++

If you are here is because probably you’ve heard the trend. Every big company that appreciates herself is creating an internal developer platform (IDP, from now on).

"You don't want a 10x developer... what you want is someone that can come in and make 10 other developers more productive"@kelseyhightower on the value of codifying knowledge and automating workflows e.g. via @Docker Extensions #DockerCon

— Daniel Bryant (@danielbryantuk) May 10, 2022

Thank god some companies are starting to notice that not every single person in the company should be pushing features forward but some people should definitely be thinking on how we improve our daily work. Often, for some reason, that task fell into the agile coaches but IMHO that is not enough. They can think about the human interactions and the personal aspects of the job but there is some technical stuff we need to think about.

xkcd comic about something being worth automating

When I see that comic strip I always think that in developer time that may even be more because every automation you have scales proportionally with the amount of people that benefit from the automation.