A Graphviz primer

One of the tools I've always wanted in my tool belt was a graphing tool for text files. Since I handle a lot of text that goes into repositories it is always a bit of a pain to somehow to version control diagrams. Today we will dive a bit into the world of Graphviz. A tool that turns scripts written into the dot language into images. Those scripts describe directed graphs. We can anyway emulate non directed graphs if we need it.

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Playing with happiness on Twitter in Python

Let's play a bit with Twitter data.

There is a Spanish saying that says "La felicidad va por barrios" which is used like "every dog has its day" but close-to-literally translates into "happiness goes to some neighbours". Me and some friends wanted to check if happiness in Twitter depends on your neighbourhood too. Yes, I know it is a weak justification for writing software but... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This is my first python code so don't be hard on me.

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