Ack, searching in source code

Ack is a command line tool specialized in searching into source code. I've giving it a look this days since I'm switching to emacs and I need to polish some of the tools I'm using. Since I'm pretty happy with this, I wanted to share a small post to show how the tool works.

For basic usage you can just type from your shell:

and it will browse all clojure code starting your current folder looking for the text core. It supports a lot of languages also such as Ruby or Python.

The first thing I'm surprised with is how awesomely fast it is. It is blazingly fast, to be honest.

There are of course plugins for vim and emacs. I'm using this plugin for emacs.

If you do clojurescript you'll see that by default only .clj files are traversed while
searching. You can edit your ~/.ackrc and add the following line to support cljs

You can also exclude programming languages when searching

Another common problem you might face is that often we have folders where we don't want to search. In my case, leiningen generates some clojurescript files in target folder.

To avoid this we can again use ~/.ackrc

Lastly, I dare you to run

Have fun!

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