Happy new programming year

Another year passes by and we are back again with the same old ceremony of new year's resolutions. But first of all a little bit of retrospective.


Last year was quite awesome given the fact that I was parent for the second time and my spare time was dramatically reduced. Madrid Software Craftsmanship is doing awesome and there are more people there each day. I'm very happy to share some time with some awesome developers that show up there. Also this year I spent some time teaching at Ironhack bootcamp. That was an awesome experience that I will repeat if I'm given the chance to. Also I coded a lot, paired a lot and improved a lot. Not bad.

I failed also at some last year's resolutions. I did not manage to get a product launched due to several reasons. I'll carry on that resolution for the next year. Anyway I'll rephrase that. I'll try to get the first customer for a product I've built. That's better 😉

New year's resolutions

For next year I'd like to improve the following areas:

Ship it!

As I told before, I'd like to get some product out there. I've started coding something but it's far from professional. Also I have some toys working out there but those are not what I meant with product. That's why I'll rephrase to getting my first paid customer for a product. That's the bar I'm aiming for.


On this year I expect to write some more Clojure. I'm getting deeply interested by its concept of simplicity. It's getting some traction right now and its not hard to see why. Anyway I'm far to be proficient in the language right now. That's why I'll try to write some pet projects on it. Also this year I'll try to go to some Clojure conference in Europe. I'll consider this done if I can write a reasonably complex application with this.

Also I'd like to get some knowledge in machine learning and data visualization. Anyway, I find very hard to get the time to get some more skill on those. They look too demanding for me this time. I'll consider this done if I manage to have a pet project that uses some of this skills.

I'll also try to keep Software Craftsmanship Madrid open for next year. Last year we've managed to make 11 meetings so I expect more for next year.

Graphic design

I'll be attending to some courses on typography this year. I'm slowly developing some taste on this but, since this always such a low priority thing it is a shame that I can't invest enough time to learn some more. I'll consider this done only by reading 3 books on the subject.

The blog

If I manage to keep it open for another year I'll be more than happy 😛 Anyway I'll aim for 12 posts a year with enough quality (not like this one). Bonus points for improving a little bit the awful visuals and get a building pipeline at last.


I've recently switched to sublime text from vim. I'm starting to feel happy with it. I'll try to stick with it for a year and see if I get proficient enough with it. I'll try to write a plugin to improve my workflow during this year.

Also I switched to Evernote to keep my things a little bit organized and I'm also happy with it. I'll try to improve my organizational skills by having all the things for a project in a single, internet accessible place.


Last but not least I need to spend more time with my children. The more time passes the best they are.

Well... this may not look too ambitious for a full year but I'll do my best to stick with it. Wish me good luck!