My week at Ironhack

I had the immense luck of being a teacher this week on Ironhack. It was the first time I was going to teach a group of people so I was scared to death. My job was to teach some Ruby basics to a group of people with some experience on programming that had no knowledge of Ruby at all. In just four days they managed to write their own unit tests, do some TDD, apply SOLID principles and pair program a lot.

I was thinking on writing a blog post before the course ended but I couldn't. Each day was more intense that the previous one. Each day we wanted more than the day before. It was exhausting. Anyway each day was more rewarding than the previous one.

The people there are A-WE-SOME. There are 12 amazing guys/girl in the class that pour each drop of blood they have in order to learn as much as they can to reach the goal of building amazing software. They were truly inspiring to me. They are smart, proactive and passionate. I'll be back to work on Monday and I'll tell to the team I work with about the bunch of amazing people I met.

I'm sure that these guys will make something remarkable and I'll be there to say: "I was there while they were still starting".

Memories of mendicant university

This week I'll be teaching an introduction to Ruby at Ironhack. This brought some memories back to me...

For me it is being really hard even though this has not started yet. This is the first time I act as an "official" teacher to a group of people so I want to make an impact in the 4 days I'll be with them.

This makes me remember the times when I started learning Ruby. I had the luck of joining Ruby mendicant university while it was still open. I can't express how grateful I am to Tobias Pfeiffer for all the time he spent reviewing my code and telling me that I had to stop writing Ruby code the same way I wrote Java.

Now, one year after the shut down of Mendicant University, I still feel identified with their values and still try to honor the status of alumni of what once was an awesome place to learn how to write awesome code.

I want to bring some of the values I acquired there to the Ironhack students. Passion, honesty, humility... When I think of Gregory Brown, Andrea Singh or Jordan Byron I see the living examples of what I want to be to the guys at the course. If I can change their lives half as these guys changed mine my mission will be accomplished.

Just wish me good luck. I'll try to honor the memories of the mendicant university.