Software craftsmanship Madrid

For some time since my two kids were born I stopped attending to user groups, conferences and events in general. These days I decided to make a small effort and return again to those activities. To be completely hones, I must say I missed it a lot. Maybe there is nothing you can learn there that you can do by yourself diving through the internet or reading some books but, in my humble opinion, it is not the same thing.

So I'm spending some effort in a small meetup group in Madrid. We prepare some small workshops from time to time and it really feels good to connect to other professionals.

There is always a time in all software developer's life when you see going to this kind of events as a waste of time since you do a lot of socialization and not that much learning. Anyway I'm starting to think that this is not that bad. Developing software is an activity that has an important social component. Cultivating this part is also important. We build sofware for humans so we need to communicate and interact with people constantly, not only with machines.

Go outside your cubicle. Speak with people. Enjoy having discussions.

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